In the Japanese language Hokori stands for dust, the exact same word is used for pride. It both encapsulates the process of making hollow wooden surfboards. Knowing we are mere dust in the wind but feeling a sense of pride and achievement in doing what we love. In constant search of the balance between manmade shapes and organic materials, every board is a journey towards an unique and functional end product.
The process is what we love, taking time, focusing on every step and, like surfing, work with what nature offers.
The joy of surfing from the age of twelve and the enriching experience of building a wooden house with my father and brother in the south of France have come together in making hollow wooden surfboards. From making the first board in France it has continued to building my workshop to further develop skills and trying new designs and techniques.
At Hokori you can have a custom wooden board built to your specification. Shaped and crafted with passion, dedication, pride and dust.